Who we are

See Shirts is a Florida based company that uses printed t-shirts and other apparel to help businesses use inexpensive ways to seek out new customers, grow their branding and increase sales. Apparel marketing is mobile, dynamic and fun. Promotional clothing is an under-utilized cost-effective form of advertising that can give your company positive endorsements without a word being said. You can order business t-shirts, logo shirts, or other corporate shirts to enhance your corporate presence, or you may look to more specialized marketing with team uniforms or custom t shirts for your retail marketing.

People enjoy wearing printed tee shirts with a message, and your design can create a buzz. It is an easy way for people to learn about your company and is an excellent source of word of mouth advertising. Your message can be tailored for special events, holidays, special nights, a birthday shirt, a reunion…

Why use us?

We offer a quality product and concepts that you may not have thought about. Shirt advertising can be used in ways to reward customers or to reinforce customer loyalty. We can suggest ideas that may offer new markets or that create new business relationships through cross marketing. Neighbors or malls can get together and businesses can be part of a community. You can develop relationships by co-sponsoring shirts for sale or for special events. The shirts you sell may recoup your (marketing) investment, effectively giving you free advertising.


Please feel free to check back with us on this website as we will be adding product here as well.